No cost and no obligation – what’s not to love!

Impromy consultations are completely free of charge and obligation-free. If you decide you’d like to join the program, there’s a once-off $49.95 Membership fee, which includes your Membership Pack, lifetime Impromy Program membership, CSIRO’s Meals For Living Simply Well Recipe Book, Impromy SmartPhone App access, your initial health review report and FREE ongoing Impromy consultations.


So what’s involved?


Your initial Impromy Consultation will take approximately 30 minutes


Appointment begins with assessment of eligibility


Your Impromy Consultant will start by measuring your height and weight


Clinical health review which includes blood pressure and a finger prick test for blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels


Your individual eating plan is then determined using our unique Impromy computer program


Your smart phone app can be set up at anytime; either during the initial consultation or at home in your own leisure




Your Impromy program consultant will guide you through every aspect of your weight loss journey and provide you with ongoing advice and support to make your goals achievable.

Health reviews are conducted throughout the program and measured at day one; one month; three months; six months and twelve months. Your Impromy program consultant will monitor your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These are all key indicators of your health that can be improved with better diet, exercise and weight loss.

Some of the ways your Impromy Consultant will support you include:

  • Tracking your progress at each visit
  • Regular personalised FREE consultations
  • Advice on recommended foods and drinks
  • Regular health checks (monitoring your blood pressure, total cholesterol and blood glucose levels)
  • Discussing any questions or concerns
  • Adjusting your program level and meal plan when necessary, to keep maximising your results over time


Our data shows that Impromy customers who visit the pharmacy more regularly see far better results than those who visit infrequently.

It is recommended that you return to visit your Impromy Consultant every week until you reach your goal weight (remember, consultations are free of charge).

Impromy data shows that customers who visit for weekly consultations see much faster results than those who visit less frequently*.

If you wish to come back more often you can visit twice a week or whenever you need to top up your supplies of products.

*Individual results may vary.