To achieve the best possible results from the Impromy Program, we’ve put together some tips and advice from customers who have already achieved their goals.





Support from a trained consultant can have a substantial effect on your progress and results. Our research indicates that members that visit the pharmacy weekly achieve their results over 30% faster than people who visit less frequently*.


On the Impromy Program health reviews are conducted at regular intervals, including your first consultation; after one month; after three months; six months and after one year. On these milestone dates your Impromy program consultant will measure your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels. These are all key indicators of your health that can be improved with better diet, exercise and weight loss.


Make sure you book your next consultation, to ensure you’re getting the most out of the Impromy Program.


Members that visit the pharmacy weekly achieve weight loss results over 30% faster*



Making a personal commitment at the start of the program for a set amount of time can help with maintaining motivation throughout your journey. Set yourself a 10 or 12 week challenge and book in weekly consultations. By booking in these consultations for your challenge period not only will you achieve greater results but you will also create a routine prioritising your health. We can often forget to prioritise our health so it is important to make time right from the start.




  • Purchase enough meal replacements and snacks to get you through to your next consultation
  • Plan what meals you are going to make for the week in advance
  • Don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry
  • Remove junk food from your cupboards and fridge to prevent unwanted cravings
  • If going out to an event have a program snack or meal beforehand to ensure feeling full, and/or follow the program guidelines for a balanced meal when choosing what to have
  • Snap lock bags are useful to help portion free food snacks so they are ready to be taken as an on-the-go snack
  • Tell friends and family about the program so they can be supportive and follow guidelines if they are cooking/providing meals
  • Use the recipe section of your App as a reminder at your grocery shop so as not to forget any ingredients




Identify barriers which may become obstacles to achieving health goals. Barriers come in all shapes and sizes and may include:


  • Time poor – Block out time in a diary or calendar for preparing your meals and snacks. The same strategy can be used for blocking out time to exercise.
  • Sweet cravings – Use your snacks or free foods to overcome your sweet cravings. Try a piece of fruit, freeze a small tub of low fat yoghurt and have as an ice-cream, try an Impromy snack bar or even make up some low joule (diet) jelly.
  • Bored of your plan – Call one of our Dietitians on the Impromy Helpline to discuss changing around your eating plan to make it more interesting, or get creative with your free foods and snacks by looking up new recipes.
  • Eating out – Become familiar with the guidelines for a higher protein meal (200g of lean protein and vegetables) or meals that are in the Simply Well Recipe book and choose something similar. It may not be exactly the same but it will be a healthier choice.
  • Cooking for fussy families – Adjust the recipes to exclude vegetables which fussy eaters won’t have and replace with vegetables they will have. If you need to bulk up the meal for other family members add a serving or rice, potato, pasta or grains and just abstain from having the addition.




The Impromy Dietitians on the Impromy Helpline are highly trained and can assist with any nutrition or dietetic related concerns, or questions. For further information call the Impromy Helpline 1800 608 511.


The Impromy App is designed to help you to keep track of your weight loss and to guide you through the Impromy Program. Our data indicates that people who download the Impromy App get the best results on the program.



Whilst exercise is not a mandatory part of the Impromy Program, including physical activity in your life can lead to a wide range of health benefits, improved quality of life and accelerated weight loss results. Talk to your Impromy consultant, read the information in our Exercises brochure or talk to a personal trainer to get started.


Along with trained pharmacy Impromy Consultants, online and telephone support as well as a specially designed Smartphone App, there has never been a better time to improve your health and well being with the Impromy Health and Weight Loss Program.


*Individual results may vary. See Impromy 6 months on the program report.