The Impromy Dietitians Day on a Plate!

To celebrate Dietitians Day in Australia, we wanted to give you an insight into what the Impromy dietitians eat each day – and no their meals don’t take hours to prepare or use 100 ingredients.

Simone – WA + SA Dietitian

Simone is our Perth based dietitian, who some of you may know from our helpline or responding to email queries. When not helping our amazing Impromy community, you might find Simone cooking, at a pilates class or at the beach with her puppy!


30g untoasted muesli with a 170g natural yoghurt and occasional piece of fruit with a black coffee.

“I’m not much of a breakfast person so this is a really simple, easy and quick breakfast option.  I love oats for their fibre and satiety effect, they help me stay full until lunch and are really good to assist with cholesterol.  Yoghurt is a fantastic source of calcium and protein, I usually like to spread protein throughout my meals over the day and ensure it is included in all main meals.  I don’t usually like to snack throughout the day so also tend to have a piece of fruit at breakfast as well.”


100g of tandoori chicken, tabouleh, tzatziki and a piece of fruit.

“My lunch is usually a standard of mainly vegetables, some wholegrain carbohydrates and a small amount of protein.  I aim to have lots of vegetables at lunch and only a smaller portion of carbohydrates so that I get enough energy from the carbohydrates to make it through the afternoon and the 3.30-itis but focus more of vegetables to keep it light.  Nothing worse than having a heavy carb lunch to make you feel lethargic and the rest of the day drag on.  Depending on how hungry I feel (it varies day to day)  I always keep a small piece of fruit just in case.”


100-150g of beef bulgogi with thai style salad.

“My dinner again is usually protein and vegetables (mainly ¾ vegetables and then a ¼ protein).  I keep most of my carbohydrates for breakfast and lunch and rely on the carbohydrates in the vegetables for my dinner.  Thai style salads are a favourite of mine, there is so many different vegetables you can include and I try include as many different coloured vegetables to ensure I am eating a wide range of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  I aim for red meat once a week and the rest of the time it will be a mixture of fish and legumes as a priority and then other white meat (mainly chicken) for the rest of the week.  I always try include some nuts and seeds in my diet daily, either as part of a breakfast smoothie or as part of a salad topper for lunch or dinner.”

Gabby – Brisbane

Gabby is our Brisbane based dietitian and you may also know her from the helpline. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, shopping for plants and keeping active.


Banana Omelette with an English Breakfast Tea.

“To make the banana omelette, simply combine 2 eggs, 1 mashed banana, 1tsp peanut butter and cinnamon. Then cook in a pan with a little oil.”


Impromy Snack Bar


Roast Pork + Salad Sandwich.

“I use gluten free bread as I am a coeliac, and used last nights leftover roast pork and salad ingredients I had in the fridge”


Beef Stirfry with Veggies

“I cooked 100g beef with broccoli, beans, carrots, capsicum and onion. I added in garlic, ginger and soy sauce for some extra flavour and served on top some cooked rice”

Katia – Melbourne

Katia is our dietitian based in Melbourne although you may know her from our helpline. When Katia isn’t busy renovating her home, you might find her out walking her dogs or visiting some of Melbourne’s best places to eat.

7:30am: breakfast
Overnight Oats

When asked why Katia loves Overnight Oats she responded “It is super easy to make and with the amount of jars I have in the cupboard, I can easily prep 2 or 3 in advance and I know I will start each day with the nutrition that I need”

9:00am: coffee

Soy latte

11:00am: snack

1/2 punnet fresh strawberries

1:00pm: lunch

Teriyaki Chicken, Rice + Side Salad

5:30pm: snack


6:30pm: dinner

Lamb + Haloumi on Mediterranean Veggies with a Mint Sauce

Other: 2L water


Combine all of the following ingredients in a jar or container and leave in the fridge overnight.

  • 1 tblsp peanut butter
  • 1/2 banana, mashed
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup soy milk (or any milk)
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • Sprinkle of ground cinnamon