“I confess I’m a 120% sugar addict and couldn’t go a day without some sort of sweetie. Until I found Impromy. I actually told my consultant that I was going to struggle with this “BUT” I haven’t! AMAZING…. The variety of foods you can have as snacks & meals has opened my eyes to healthy eating doesn’t mean giving up all those lovely tastes in life. The recipe book & information sheets given to me has been a fantastic guide. Favourite recipe – too many to choose just one. 23 days in and I’ve lost 5.4kgs and I’m not craving my chocolates or cakes. I’ve had little treats and I truly feel like I’m not missing out on anything. This is NOT a “diet” but purely a change to eating healthier & smarter.
Loving it so far.” – Dee, WA*

“Love it! 11kgs lighter thanks to this amazing, manageable program and my commitment to it. I haven’t stuck strictly to it and still have fabulous results. Organisation and wanting results, treats every now and then = healthy new me 3 months on. Best tasting shakes, abundance of free foods (hence organisation required). Life long improved eating habits, smaller portions. I still enjoyed scones, jam, cream and coffee with my best friend today!” – Karina*

“I love this program. It’s so simple to understand and not overwhelming. The support is great and no pressure. And surprisingly affordable, especially since I have less takeout :). I feel great, the best I have in years. Lost about 10 kgs in 6-7 weeks so far on this program.” – Trish, NSW*

“This is a brilliant product for weight loss and the program ensures lifestyle changes to maintain it. I liked it so much I will implement it into our Pharmacy.” – Alan, QLD*

“What an excellent program, I have lost 10.5 kg in 10 weeks and feel fantastic. The staff at Prospect Vale Chemmart Pharmacy have been amazing.” – Leanne, TAS*

“I have been on the program for a week. I have been on my weight loss journey for most of my life. Tried EVERYTHING. I have lost 2.2 kilos in first week. Love the shakes and support at Pooraka Pharmacy in Adelaide. I could not get under 90k until I started this. Love the journey and the app.” – Kathryn, SA*

“Day 15 and 3.6kg down, easiest weight loss program I’ve tried… and there’s been many over the years! LOL” – Danielle, NSW*

“I have been on the Impromy Program for 4 months and have lost 22 kilos. I would recommend it to anyone” – Samantha, WA*

“I’ve been using this program for almost 3 months now, have had some weeks with no weight loss but only due to my own bad choices. Sticking to the program I lose between 1-1.5kg per week and lost 2.4kg in the first week! I’ve lost 10kg so far and am hoping to lose another 10. I love this program!!” – Nic, VIC*

“Started 10 days ago and have lost 2.9 kilos so far. Loving the yummy shakes and snacks and enjoying all the recipes in the book. Not feeling hungry at all and I’m not craving chocolate which was one of my big loves. Enjoying this program very much.” – Judith, QLD*

“I have just cooked the Middle-Eastern shepherd’s pie for dinner (page 124 of the recipe book) and it was full of deliciously rich flavour. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best meal I’ve ever cooked! My husband is a chef and I have never had any confidence in the kitchen… always leaving it up to him to create our tasty meals. That’s probably how we’ve put on the extra kilos that prompted us to start impromy 11 days ago! He’s just complimented me on an awesome dinner and said if he’d cooked that he would be proud too. So… Thanks Impromy for creating a recipe book in which every single item is nutritious, incredibly easy to cook, and more than satisfying. You’ve actually made me a confident cook. Oh, and I’ve lost 3kg in those 11 days whilst my husband had lost almost 6kg!!

This probably sounds like I’ve been paid to write this, but I just like to show my thanks when it’s deserved… Thanks a bunch :)” – Selina, QLD*

“I started the program in May and cannot speak highly enough about it. I have had to watch my weight my entire life and this program makes it simple and I don’t have to think too hard or count points. It is family friendly and the recipes in the cookbook are sensational. You would never know they are menus for people dieting or watching their weight. I am back at my goal and feeling the best I have in years.” – JanMaree, WA*

“I am about to start the 4th week of the Impromy program and the chocolate snack bar has been a lifesaver at work. I have one a day as an Impromy snack and it keeps me a way from the work social club fundraising chocolates. The coating of chocolate on the bar is a good chocolate with a nice taste. It is a good quality snack bar.” – Carol, TAS*

“I just love the Impromy program. I have been on it for 13 days and never felt hungry. Lost 1.2kg in the first week.” Update: “38 days on the program and down 4.6kg. I am so happy with this steady weight loss and the program is so easy to keep to.” – Carole, WA*

“Excellent program and great meals! Have lost 8.2 kg in 6 weeks so far!” – Kylie, SA*

“Wow this is great been on it for 6 days and lost 3.2 kgs and not feeling hungry, this is a great program.” – Christine, VIC*

“Lost 2kg in my first week, found it very easy to stick to and the food is very tasty, filling and not too hard to prepare. Looking forward to the next few weeks. The app is very useful as well as I can keep track of what I’m doing and have the recipes on hand when I’m shopping.” – Nadine, TAS*

“64 days 10.6kgs, my son Ash 10kgs 60days. This program is amazing and I was so if’y about it, if it was going to be like other programs. This one actually works! Get on it and see the change it makes!” – Glen, QLD*

“I have been on Impromy for 3wks. I love the no hunger and no cravings element. I have been very strict although I choose to make my own simple protein/salad dinners rather than use the cook book for simplicity. Because of this it kind of renders the phone app useless so I removed it from my phone. I also choose not to weigh myself daily as I find that a bit obsessive. The weight loss has been quite slow about 1kg a week. However, despite the slow results I feel really motivated and appreciate the break from sugar cravings & always feeling hungry. I feel good.” – Susan, NSW*

“I’ve been on the programme for a week now and seem to have already lost nearly 3 kilos! The recipes are lovely – very tasty. The only grumble I have so far is that both the available snack bars have nuts in which is no good for us nut allergy sufferers. Is there any chance of a nut free bar in the future?” – Clare, NSW*

“So easy to follow and trying the range of free foods really helps” – Paul, SA*

The recipe book is brilliant! Two weeks in and the family has loved every meal (even the fussy kids)! I refuse to cook separate dinners so this is a big plus!” – Stephanie, WA*

“3.9kgs down in 5 weeks – off a relatively small frame so very happy with current results – sitting under 60kgs on my home scales : )” – Narelle, VIC*

“I joined yesterday, thanks to Lana at Chemmart Swan View. I had the vanilla shake for lunch & the chicken soup for dinner, both delicious . I woke up this morning 1kg lighter.” – Noelene, WA*

“Fast and easy to follow with delicious shakes. I am on the program and I find it saves me time and fuss. I always have some free foods available and the shakes are a delicious treat so I’m not hungry or deprived. My energy levels are increasing. Too easy!” – Fran, SA*

“I started this program about 2 weeks ago and think it’s fabulous. Shakes are beautiful and the staff are amazing…” – Rach, NSW*

“Great products easy to follow… Everything tastes great and very helpful staff” – Trini, TAS*

“Week 1 and 2.6kgs down can’t believe it no sugar cravings and no feeling hungry very pleased with the results and can’t wait to keep losing the kilos” – Megan*

“This is the best weight loss program I have tried, also scientifically worked out by the CSIRO. Having pre diabetes due to a strong family history, I decided to give it a try and it was the best decision I have ever made. I now don’t crave sugar, love eating vegetables and the meals are easy to prepare and cook and so nice. Who would have thought I would actually enjoy green tea? Works for me, only 2 kgs to go to my goal. The monthly blood tests also show how the plan improves your blood sugar, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. 10/10” – Margaret, NSW*

“Almost completed 4 weeks and have lost 3.5kg so far. I have tried many diets before including meal replacements. Not feeling hungry at all, and I have been a comfort and boredom eater for several years. Yes I cheat a little with an occasional extra snack but I stop at one snack. I am loving the results so far.” – Angela, QLD*

“Having thyroid problems I thought I wouldn’t lose much weight, but I was wrong losing an average 1-2kg per week when dedicated to the program.” – Jane, QLD*

*Individual results may vary. Speak to an Impromy Consultant or staff member at your nearest participating location to see how Impromy or Flexi can help reduce your weight and improve your health.