Download the reportIn August 2014 the Impromy Program officially launched. Since then thousands of Australians have lost weight and improved their health by visiting their pharmacy, enjoying delicious healthy foods and superior quality supplements*. During the development of the Impromy Program, a team of scientists and researchers trialled the program in a clinical environment with the intention of ensuring that the program was highly effective. We are now happy to be able to announce that the Impromy Program has been similarly (or even more) effective in the “real world” and that in the first six months over 15,000 Australians have achieved positive results with the program.


ResultsvsTime1-374x288We are very happy to share that Impromy Program members have been achieving outstanding results. These results come in terms of the weight loss results they have achieved, the improvements they’ve made to their key health measures and the stories they have shared that inspire others to take control of their weight and health. Unsurprisingly, members that stick to the program for longer periods of time achieve the best results*. Overall, the program boasts a 94% success rate*. Within those members, those that stick to the program for over 4 weeks have averaged over 6kg of weight loss to date*. This is a significant result and one that will drive a substantial reduction in cardiovascular disease rates and reduce risk factors for common health conditions including diabetes*.
IntervalResults-289x300Another interesting trend identified in this data review has been the close linkage between the interval between pharmacy visits and weight loss results. Impromy members who choose to visit the pharmacy weekly achieve a more rapid rate of weight loss, as well as a higher total weight loss result.This is an unexpected finding that further highlights benefit of our research-driven approach. By identifying this trend, we have been able to modify and adapt the program to adopt the best practices demonstrated by Impromy members and offer the most effective program going forward.
RiskbyCategory-374x295The Impromy Program includes (optional) screening for common health conditions and risk factors. During the first six months, approximately 55% of Impromy members measured as being “at risk” in at least one category. When a prospective members measures in the “at risk” category, an optional or mandatory referral document is generated. There have been individual cases to date where members have been warned of potential risks and referred to their health professional, only to discover life-threatening conditions that have been prevented due to this early screening process. Another advantage is that members can track and review the changes and improvements to their key health markers as they achieve their weight loss goals.
The key statistics and trends mentioned above are just a few of the findings from the first six months on the Impromy Program. If you would like to learn more, please download the report by using the link provided above.
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*Individual results may vary.