Lose weight and still enjoy your favourite foods and drinks!

Flexi takes a fast approach to weight loss without compromising on good nutrition.




The Flexi Program and Support

Rather than considering your kilojoule intake on a daily basis, Flexi considers it weekly.


This means that each day can be approached differently and that by consuming less on some days you can allow for a Flexi day where you may enjoy your favourite foods.

Tailored Flexi Meal Plans

The Flexi Program integrates the knowledge and effectiveness of the Impromy Program into a Nutritionally-Complete Intermittent Fasting approach.

Classic Days

Personalised Impromy Program, consisting of meal replacement shakes, soups or bars, program snacks, free foods and higher protein meals.

Control Days

Personalised program day, consisting of meal replacement shakes, soups or bars and a Flexi Control Meal. Explore delicious Control Meal options in the Flexi Cookbook and online.

Flexi Day

A day each week to relax and enjoy the foods and drinks you love.

Dietitian Curated, High-Protein Recipes

Lose weight and boost your vitality while enjoying the pleasures of good food


The recipes in the Fast/Fresh/Flexi cookbook are not just a perfect accompaniment to the Flexi program and the Impromy program. They are a tool for anyone looking for quick, easy ways to introduce better eating into their lives, without sacrificing the taste and the great pleasure that comes from great food!


✓ High Protein Recipes

which will help to keep you feeling full, while the diverse ranges of flavours will satisfy your taste buds.

✓ Family Friendly

Recipes can be enjoyed by the whole family.

✓ Nutritious Whole Foods

Recipes are built around lean protein foods, lots of vegetables and a small amount of oil.

Nutritionally Balanced, High-Protein Meal Replacements

✓ Nutritionally Complete

Each Flexi meal replacement shake contains a nutritionally balanced combination of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals to satisfy your daily nutritional requirements.

✓ High Protein Shakes with Low Kilojoule Impact

High protein and fibre composition in the meals and shakes help to keep you feeling fuller for longer.

✓ Delicious, Smooth and Full of Flavour

Flexi meal replacement shakes are convenient, easy to prepare and best of all they taste great.


Getting Started on Flexi

3 easy steps to unlock all the fantastic Flexi Program online tools:
✓ Personalised eating plan    ✓ Virtual Consultations    ✓ Weight Tracking Tools

1. Pick up a Flexi Starter Kit

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2. Create An Account


3. Activate your Flexi Access Code